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Website Redesign

Red Granite Website Redesign

Using a turnkey Wordpress template, Red Granite launched their website independently in Q1 of 2012. As their content and business evolved, they found the template was not suited to their customized needs and initiated a re-design project.

Wordpress and the Genesis framework were retained, as they functioned well for Red Granite’s internal capabilities and SEO strategy. From there, the project objective was to design and develop a custom Wordpress child theme. This new theme refreshed the front-end aesthetics and reformatted the navigation for a user-friendly experience that accomodates evolving content. The theme also allows for ongoing, independent client maintenance.

Project Details

  • Client: Red Granite LLC.
  • Date: Sept. 2012
  • Services:
  • Web Development
  • Web Design
  • Information Architecture
  • SEO Strategy / Web Analytics

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